Sunday, 25 October 2009

No Story

There' s a lot of stories i wanted to share.....however, i didn't know which one to start with....i'm just so overwhelmed with what has happened in this week... 'maybe'...

Happy moments: i went out to watch 2 movies with colleagues and friends.... on Wednesday night...a 3D animation (the title was so long.... i just called it 'Meatball' ) and on Friday night a Malay movie 'Papadom'....the papadom looks big and delicously mouth watering... the herbs inside it was also visible...wonder where i can get that kind of papadom? !

Oh.. and i saw the Twilight saga New Moon trailer while waiting for Papadom to begin..... Actually i'm not a fan of vampire movies but Twilight saga is a big exception... i love the story line, the cinematography, the location, the backgound music and sound effect, the cast..
can't wait to watch Bella and Edward in action again.... the opening is on 20 November 2009... hope i can catch the movie midnite opening..who wants to join me?

Yesterday i attended a course... a last minute registration... only a few days before, i've decided to register for the course as when a friend of mine ask me to be her companion throughout the course... well, even if she didn't ask me in the first place, i'll definitely go if i knew in the first hand that's the course is organized by company that i work for's about Islamic Financial & Capital Market.... i've always wanted to learn about it and this is my wish come true....

What i can concluded in my own layman's opinion of the outcome of the course is that the Islamic financial & capital market .... like any other business entities in conventional financial and capital market they need to make profits for the sake of business, however the conventional ones are highly dependent on imposing interest to gain profits... but Islam prohibited riba', interest, dealing with haram products such as gambling, liquor and non-halal food as well as business transaction that are intangible, uncertain and undisclose.

Therefore Shariah councils are needed to come out with rules and regulations to eliminate these items in Islamic financial business products but at the same time are able to generate profits. This is the biggest challenge for Islamic financial entities... they need to create products which are not interest based or riba' to make profit ..for example they use a projection method to calculate the value of an asset in given term to buy a house from the house buyer and make payment to the buyer to act as a partnership of the house owner, consequently the buyer will pay back to gain full ownership of the house as the alternative of conventional housing loan method.

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