Tuesday, 24 November 2009

|Kami kena 3-5|

Perlawanan persahabatan ExQuiSiTe vs Gol Gitu Gitu aka friendly match.....

sedih memang sedih sebab kami kena teruk dengan team yang kebanyakannya bersaiz kecik & comel - lote ni.......tak sangka betoi depa ni kecik-kecik cili api.....tapi bile time kejor bola, perghh...memang hebat...kecik sgt sampai tak perasaan bile masa la depa ni lari & bawa bola....alih2 je bola dah masuk gol....tapi gua respek sama team korang sebab korang memang rajin practice tak macam team kami...baru 1 1/2 kali training dah ajak friendly kan.....padan muko kan dah kena sejibik....huhu

best memang best sebab dapat main futsal hehehe......sukenye saya dapat main-main, tendang-tendang, lari-lari, kejor yeop kejor ...... seronok ghupenye ek....kali ni dapat main lama sikit almost 2 hours......walaupun badan berfeluh2.... baunye masham.....otot2 pon dah mula sakit2 ....tapi nikmat dan kepuasannye hanya Allah dan diriku sahaja yang mengetahui....

walaupun sebenarnya pada mulanya, memang tahap malas dan takdak mood sesangat nak main futsal, sebab semalam dah bantai swimming (gitu-gitu je la, bukannye pandai sangat pon) & pergi gym...rasa badan macam letih je...sampaikan masa kerja sebelum balik umah tu, otak ligat mencari alasan nak mengelakkan diri dari main futsal.....antara alasan yang bermain dalam kepalaku yang tak berapa nak bergeliga ni ialah....rasa nak demam la, sakit2 sendi la, sakit tekak nak batuk la, banyak keje la tadi kat opis....tapi smuanya hanya tersimpan je dalam kepalaku ini....tak berkesempatan nak diluahkan...ku gagahkan juga diriku untuk bermain...ade hikmah rupenye...

dan sekarang my komen pasal permainan diriku sendiri pada malam ni....memang diakui masih takdak skill lagi nak tahan and bawak bola.... yang tau dok acah2 lawan ngan main bantai tendang je kat sesape yang aku suke ....huhu....
rasa-rasanya ingat nak bagi cadangan kat team mate next week buat 2 kali training, nak kasi up sikit skill tahan & bawak bola....baru kompiden nak lawan kan....(memandai2 je kan macam la awak tu kapten)...hisy baru 3-4 minggu kenai lagi mau demand, patut ka tak patut ? Sebenarnya aku baru kenai je depa-depa ni kalau nak dicomparekan dengan team lawan yg kebanyakkannya personally memang lagi kenal baik dari teamku sendiri.....

apa-apahal pun aku memang happy dapat main futsal malam ni walaupun sebenarnya dirku ini boleh dikategorikan sebagai kaki bangku...

Thursday, 19 November 2009

It is kind of creepy, isn't it ?

Recently, I've been surfing around bloggers world just to find niche for my blog where i can exchange ideas and share my humble experience pertaining to mental health issues. I've found a number of interesting mental health blogs that provide interesting facts and research articles in timely manner from reliable research resources, however only 1 or 2 blogs hold the stories of the person who had been diagnosed of having mental illness. In order for me to update myself with the blogs' recent post I've made myself as their blog follower and I've linked it from this blog. You can check it out too ..

I would be glad and pleased if i can learn to know other people experience on how they endure the illness, their feelings and what inside the mind during the episode of mental breakdown, how they find support and how they heal the pain. Anyone of you who knows any website pertaining to this, feel free to introduce it to me.

But what shocked me was to find out that some of the blog that discuss on mental health issues have the same blog template as my blog. Isn't that kind of creepy ? It seems like we have some kind of connection to choose our blog template, maybe we have the same brainwave connectivity? Or the same type of brain structure ? Or maybe we possessed some kind of similarity of infrared frequency or bluetooth frequency that our computers able to talk to each other in some mysterious way ?
Don't think about it.... it's a coincident...perhaps..

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Endorphin - The Feel Good Hormone

It's a short entry for today (I hope so)......i don't have much time to write.....not because i'm busy with my work or something else.....but because i have no idea what to tell...because i'm no story teller neither an author nor a writer and definitely i am not a columnist....i'm just an internet user who just happened to have a blog....

I've started exercising again ....after not hitting gym for about 5 months...
Couple of months ago i've decided to join a team for our company's futsal internal tournament which to be scheduled on 5 December 2009. I am the only person from the other block of the building to join the team. We haven't decided our team name yet however we've have chosen our team colour, it's black and pink...
I joined this game NOT as a professional player...yeah of course la..! because most of us are definitely not a professional futsal players....it's only for the sake of having fun, to release work stress and to make friends with co-workers.

on Thursday (last week not this week) 13/11/2009 we begin our first futsal training.
And our 2nd training was on Monday 16/11/2009...
And next week there will be 2 training sessions...and a friendly match...

My first experience playing futsal was 2 years ago with family and cousins, i reckon....just imagine my mum and my aunty in their late 50s were appointed by us to be our goal keepers (read: we had 2 goalkeepers not 1 for our team). So cute wasn't they? Most of my cousins are guys....so they played as if it's a male team...during the game most of my time was just looking at the ball and tried to escape the ball from hitting me, not kicking the ball....duh...see...how amateur am i ? Moral of the story... don't play futsal with guys except your coach....

After 2 training session i've noticed that playing futsal helps my body to produce endorphin which is much needed at this moment.... believe me... i feel much more refresh and happy once i've started to exercise again... even though my muscles ache because of not doing a proper warming up ... (Well it's my fault!) but my mind feel much more better...... so gals... want to team up with me to create an amateur Malaysian woman's futsal team??

OH…And I thought this is my short entry…. Next time perhaps….

Saturday, 14 November 2009

While Waiting for 5 PM

Today at 5 PM my friend invited me to Medan Ikan Bakar Tanjung Harapan Klang, its one of popular eating place in Malaysia for those who love seafood. As usual i'm kind of anxious, may be due to the medication or may be it's just my normal anxious feeling.

Why am i feeling anxious ? It is because these couples of day, the pain i'm having due to my anxiety disorder are getting worst when i feel anxious; heartache, headache, backache, feeling all part of my body being pressure by an unknown force....The cause of my anxieties ? May be it's because Lexapro's side effect? my doc has warned me the side effect in the first few weeks in taking Lexapro, but the side effect is much more worse compare to the previous treatment. Or may be i'm just tired after a session of futsal (well i don't think so....it is soooo unlikely causing me the pain) . Or may be i'm so stressed out for my sister relationship with her so called fiance is shaking again? mmmm may be.... it can be a part of the contributor....Or maybe because of my so called 'best friend'....Oh no.. enough maybes......
I'm just scared that when i'm out with my friends i will experience this pain and worst come to worst panic attack.... InsyaAllah I'll be fine....'Remember Allah and your heart will be at peace'

While waiting for 5 PM i made use of my time reading blogs.......and today's post that i love is non other than Sis Zabrina's blog

Blog: ~ Life Storyteller : Motivational and Inspirational Stories for You and Me ~
Post: The Story of Ice Cubes and Candles- Motivational Story about Calming Oneself Down When Distress

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

10 Common Myths About Clinical Depression


Almost every mental illness ends up accompanied by a barrage of myths, misunderstandings, and misconceptions that cloud the minds of the populace and ultimately produces muddied opinions of the true threat. Unfortunately, one of the most marginalized and ridiculed conditions is also one of the most common. An estimated 17 million Americans suffer from some form of clinical depression a year, most of whom end up never seeking psychological assistance due to feeling undermined and discouraged by the perceptions of society at large. Because those suffering from depression run a much higher risk of committing suicide or acts of self-mutilation than their comparatively healthier peers, it is absolutely integral to understand the complexities and widespread influence of the disease. Only by making an earnest effort to combat these negative and patently false perceptions can the depressed begin to realize that no shame or weakness lay in their situation, thereby removing many of the stigmas and reservations still undeservedly attached to entering into therapy.

    1. Depressives are ingrates who lack empathy for real suffering.

    One of the most isolating and unjustly prevailing myths regarding clinical depression is that the victims suffer more from a lack of perception rather than a recognized and very serious mental illness. It is not uncommon to hear the depressed speak of instances where friends, family, or another peer try to snap them out of a low point with admonitions like “Just be grateful you don’t have a terminal disease,” and “Maybe if you saw how people lived in third would countries you’d realize you have nothing to complain about.” These statements actually actively harm those suffering from clinical depression far more than they help. Trivializing their very real and very overwhelming struggles serves only to perpetuate already heightened feelings of guilt, shame, and seclusion. Depression’s true nature does not inherently involve a dismissal or ignorance of suffering elsewhere in society, and the implication that victims do not understand the world around them may potentially discourage them to pursue much-needed solace and support. Many of them are eventually led to believe that their anxieties and emotional issues do not matter when stacked up with genocide and cancer and other ills when the truth is that all suffering – no matter the level of severity – must be addressed and quelled if humanity hopes to move forward.

    2. Depression is not an illness.

    The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition, Text Revision lists three depressive disorders – dysthymic disorder, major depressive disorder, and depressive disorder not otherwise specified (DDNOS. Major depressive disorder is further subdivided into recurrent and single episode, and from there categorized by level of severity. Along with bipolar disorder, the depressive disorders are lumped under the major heading of mood disorders. Because depression is recognized in an official medical and psychological publication used to diagnose and treat patients, it is considered an illness.

    3. Depression is nothing more than sustained sadness.

    As a mood disorder, one of the major hallmarks of depression is a persistent sense of sadness, hopelessness, guilt, apathy, and anxiety. However, many physiological symptoms also manifest themselves when suffering from depression. Nausea, headaches, general aches and pains, insomnia or oversleeping, exhaustion, fatigue, and over- or under-eating are all commonly associated with depression. Not surprisingly, these symptoms can lead to major health concerns later on in life if left unchecked. Likewise, more severe instances of depression may result in suicide attempts as a means of finally sloughing off the emotional, mental, and physical torment as well as escaping the judgmental scrutiny of friends, families, and contemporaries.

    ggbridgeSource: Wikipedia

    4. Depression can disappear by just thinking happy thoughts.

    The old cliché about terminal illness states, “I always thought it was something that happened to other people.” This statement also sums up how depressives generally understand sustained happiness – it is an emotion exclusively rewarded to everyone else, but forever teasingly dangled in front of them as a metaphorical carrot on a stick. Only the most severe cases of depression do not involve small spurts and instances of joy, of course, but the illness includes far too many emotional, mental, and physical complexities to merely disintegrate with the simple act of thinking positively. Many mistake depression for a case of the more common and temporary “blues” and attempt to approach it as such. Though well-intentioned, this mindset carries the same inevitable side effects as the one which pegs depressives as whiny ingrates. It only addresses one aspect of a much broader issue, thus reinforcing the victim’s lonely feelings of being misunderstood. The best way for a concerned family member or friend to tackle the subject with a loved one is to provide support by encouraging them to speak with a professional therapist. Counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists are all qualified and equipped with the tools necessary to understand and combat depression. If positivity were the only cure, there would be no need to spend the time, money, and resources to train any of them in how to combat the issue.

    5. Depression only affects women.

    Due to brain chemistry and hormone balances, women are twice as likely to experience depression as men, though men are more likely to commit suicide or develop substance abuse issues as a coping mechanism. By feminizing depression, society stigmatizes men suffering from the illness as somehow weak or less masculine. As if depression did not carry enough unfounded shame along with it, men with the disorder end up facing double the pressure. With a supposedly enlightened society still clinging to archaic ideals that males ought to display stoicism and women stand as emotional pillars, men with depression oftentimes end up ostracized by peers who do not fully comprehend the true nature of the illness. Externally perceived as effeminate and pathetic, depressive men are far less likely to seek therapy and end up self-medicating with drugs, alcohol, or other addictions to curb the anxiety instead. In more extreme cases, some men turn to physical abuse or suicide as an outlet. While stereotypes of masculine and feminine behavior do have a foundation in biochemistry, labeling emotion as solely the domain of women is the root cause of many serious issues regarding men and depression. Breaking down gender barriers as well as promoting an awareness of how the illness manifests itself remains the only real solution to this overarching problem.

    6. Depression is a choice.

    Like other mental illnesses, those suffering from depression never chose to live their lives swarmed with the mental, physical, and emotional stresses associated with it. This myth forms from similar stock as the ones regarding depression as an ingrate’s condition and belief that a cure lay in only thinking happy thoughts. All three of these falsehoods vastly oversimplify the issue at hand, reducing depression to little more than whining, sadness, and negativity when the reality of the disease is far more intricate and nuanced. The decision over whether or not to pursue psychological treatment is the only choice that victims can actually make for themselves, but the initial onset of the disorder remains entirely beyond their sphere of control.

    7. If a parent or grandparent suffers from depression, their kids will too.

    No professionals will deny that both nature and nurture play a role in the development of a depressed individual. Genetics does factor into depression, as does body chemistry, environment, and an individual’s psychological profile. Not surprisingly, depressives with parents or grandparents who suffer from the disease as well are far more likely to succumb to it. However, this is not always the case. A child born into a family with a history of depression may not always end up with it. Likewise, a child born into a family free of depression may end up developing the illness later on. Genetics is only one of the many possible causes of depression – its absence or presence does not always indicate that an individual will inevitably display the symptoms later on in life.

    8. Suicide attempts are just a plea for attention.

    All suicide threats and attempts ought to be regarded with the utmost seriousness. If an individual makes reference to how he or she plans to die by his or her own hand, dial 911 immediately. Statements such as these are not to be taken as petty ploys for attention, but rather as grim cries for help – a signifier that the victim feels so very desperate to free themselves from the bonds of depression that death seems the only viable option. Callously casting aside the suicidal as merely resorting to extreme measures for the sake of a little attention completely belittles and underestimates the true gravity of the issue. They need intense therapy, not pity or eye-rolling condescension. As symptomatic of a much larger problem, suicide attempts must be fully addressed and taken seriously rather than dismissed as little more than histrionics.

    cdcsuicidechartSource: Wikipedia

    9. Depression is a psychosis.

    Society as a whole seems to regard all mental illnesses as some level of psychosis, with therapy that both saves and improves lives stigmatized as the resort of the feeble-minded and insane. As per its diagnostic criteria, depression is not considered an inherently psychotic disorder. It is labeled as a corruption of moods, but not always a signifier of mental instability or a detachment from reality. While depression does occasionally operate as a symptom of a serious psychotic disorder, its presence does not always mean the victim fits the psychological profile of an individual with psychosis. Depression usually ends at depression. If a sufferer does not display any other indicators of psychosis, then he or she cannot be considered psychotic.

    10. Depression is a result of personality flaws and weakness.

    Depression is a result of numerous biochemical, genetic, environmental, and psychological factors entirely beyond the control of the victim. This myth ties in with those touting depression as a convenient excuse for whiny ingrates, the histrionic, and psychotics. Many highly functioning, successful individuals suffer from depression and enter into therapy, become active in raising awareness of the issue, and/or create works of art, literature, and music in order to alleviate the pain. It weakens, but self-control prevents it from becoming a weakness. Like addiction and other mental illnesses, the surest sign of strength and integrity is admitting that there is a problem and actively pursuing healthy treatment. Weakness lay not at all in the diagnosis, but rather in how the victim handles the issues he or she has been given.

    churchillSource: Wikipedia

In spite of existing as one of the most common mental illnesses in America and beyond, the reality of just how serious clinical depression is remains obscured by the dozens of myths, misunderstandings, and lies permeating society. Spreading the word of the true challenges, setbacks, and struggles that depressives face on a daily basis is the only way to put cracks in these potentially dangerous mindsets. Like all people – mentally ill or not – victims of depression need compassion and understanding if they ever hope to combat their disease. The perpetuation of ignorance and misunderstanding only furthers their symptoms and nurtures shame and guilt far more than it inspires them to seek professional help.

A new course of treatment

'It's a relapse of depression... based on your symptoms it is still in early stage , however to prevent it from getting worst i will prescribe you Lexapro together with Xanax...Xanax is to be taken only needed because in early week on Lexapro, your symptoms will be slightly intensified... When you feel it then take Xanax...but you need to get off Xanax when you've got better through time' the doctor explained......mmmm another course of medication which i despise especially during the first 2 weeks waiting the medication to 100% kick off....
'you need to take Lexapro for 1 year' the doctor add some more instruction......Whatt!!! one year....?! Honestly i don't possessed discipline in taking medication on regular basis....that's why i failed in my previous course.....
'You also need to do regular physical exercise at least 3-4 a week to increase you endorphin, it's a feel good hormone, do breathing exercise when you get anxious and practice muscular progressive relaxation exercise for muscle pain... ' the doctor advise..... this one i can handle...insyaAllah.... must start hitting the gym again......
'You need to see
Obstetrics and Gynecology specialist to treat your hormone imbalance' she add ...... wah another specialist....i wonder how much that will cost me....... for seeing a psychiatrist and plus medication i've already lost RM 350.....that's a lot of money...!! i hope i can claim from my company medical insurance....

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Love you, my dear

I don't know how to express my love and appreciation to my families & friends especially those who are really dear to me....who are besides me when I’m in bad or good shape....but what I know….. I really love you all….and I believe they know it too…..

I came to work this morning with the feeling of chronic worrying, my mother is sick and I didn’t have enough sleep last night. And today at 5 PM I have first time appointment with another psychiatrist (not my usual one as I can’t reach her line after a few try), after more than a year not seeing one it kind of makes me a little bit nervous. I can’t stop worrying until I become agitated, irritated and cannot focus even 5 minutes on my work. Then an email popped into my inbox…. It was from a dear friend and the email subject is ‘Contentment’… I read his email and suddenly I feel at ease and worry no more…. Because I realized no matter how much you felt alone or left behind, there will always somebody out there who love you and will be there for you when you need someone…

This morning my sister will undergo a minor dental surgery, she is really scared until to the extent that make her thinks to runaway from it rather than being into that situation. A couple of days earlier she had asked me to be with her during the procedure just in case if she ran away there will be somebody to stop her and encourage her to go through the surgery. ‘But I’m working on that day..!’… That was my excuse… then I’ve asked my cousin to replace me…he agreed but at the same time he laughed when I told him about my sister’s situation…. He said ‘If it was you then I believed you will run away… but her...? She’s a brave girl, a hockey player, an adventurous person like her … how could that be?’…. I just smiled with amusement…..
Yesterday when her fiancé heard the news about my sister’s condition as well as my mother’s illness (my mom just contacted flu yesterday, kind of makes me worry because she has chronic bronchitis), surprisingly, he and his family drove all the way from Ipoh to come to KL just to give our family support. I’m so touched with their kindness. Thank you to them & not to forget my cousin too for being there with my family in this difficult situation. Well, I think it’s time to call my sister to see how she is doing……

Some words that I love from the email subject ‘Contentment’:

"Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want, it is the realization of how much you already have."

When the door of happiness closes, another opens, but often times we look so long at the closed door that we don't see the one which has been opened for us.

It's true that we don't know what we've got until we lose it, but it's also true that! we don't know what we've been missing until it arrives.

The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything that comes along their way.

The brightest future will always be based on a forgotten past,you can't go on well in life until you let go of your past failures and heartaches.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Kesihatan mental kurang perhatian

Oleh Soraya Jamal (Utusan Online)

KIRA-KIRA 450 juta orang di seluruh dunia mengalami gangguan mental tertentu seperti kemurungan, skizofrenia dan gangguan bipolar tetapi kurang separuh daripada mereka menerima rawatan yang diperlukan, menurut Pertubuhan Kesihatan Sedunia (WHO).
WHO menganggarkan bahawa menjelang 2020, penyakit mental kemungkinan mewakili 15 peratus daripada penyakit global.
Gangguan kesihatan mental adalah lebih lazim daripada apa yang anda fikirkan. Tahun lepas sahaja 400,227 pesakit di Malaysia mendapatkan bantuan psikiatri di hospital-hospital kerajaan, satu peningkatan sebanyak 15.6 peratus berbanding 346,196 pesakit pada 2007.
Tinjauan Kesihatan Kebangsaan dan Morbiditi Ketiga pada 2006 menunjukkan masalah kesihatan mental di kalangan remaja semakin meningkat.
Kaum hawa lebih cenderung menghadapi masalah kesihatan mental dengan peratusan mereka yang terbabit mencatatkan 12.1 peratus berbanding 10.4 peratus bagi lelaki.
Lima daripada 10 punca utama kecacatan adalah berkaitan dengan penyakit mental. Kemurungan dijangka menjadi punca utama kedua kecacatan menjelang 2020.

Kurang diagnosis

Walaupun ia masalah biasa dan serius, penyakit mental masih tidak diterima dengan meluas sebagai masalah kesihatan yang kritikal dan seringkali tidak didiagnosis dengan lengkap oleh para pakar penjagaan kesihatan.
Presiden Persekutuan ASEAN bagi Psikiatri dan Kesihatan Mental (AFPMH), Professor Dr. Mohamad Hussain Habil beranggapan ini sebahagian besarnya berpunca kerana dua faktor.
Pertama kurangnya pengetahuan atau persefahaman dalam mendiagnosis atau merawat penyakit itu sementara faktor kedua berkaitan langsung dengan pandangan serong ataupun stigma akibat gangguan mental yang turut membabitkan kalangan pengamal perubatan.
Pengesanan awal penyakit ini dalam masyarakat oleh pakar-pakar perubatan boleh membawa pelbagai manfaat berkaitan dengan kos dan produktiviti, dan dalam kes-kes tertentu menghalang masalah itu daripada menjadi masalah kesihatan yang besar.
Menurut laporan Majlis Penasihat Kebangsaan Kesihatan Mental, hasil daripada rawatan bagi mereka dengan penyakit mental paling serius boleh dibandingkan dengan rawatan bagi penyakit kronik lain.
Kadar kejayaan rawatan awal bagi penyakit mental adalah 60-80 peratus, melampaui kadar kejayaan 40 hingga 60 peratus bagi rawatan pembedahan biasa seperti penyakit jantung.
Bagi individu dengan masalah kesihatan mental, ketiadaan bantuan yang mereka perlukan boleh mencetuskan tekanan sosial dan pemulauan selain menyebabkan bebanan kewangan kerana mereka akan terus mencari nasihat perubatan, selain daripada kehilangan pekerjaan kerana produktiviti yang berkurang.
Keadaan ini juga menjejaskan kualiti kehidupan pesakit dan penjaga mereka. Lebih buruk lagi, kekurangan diagnosis lengkap boleh menyebabkan tragedi khasnya apabila pesakit membunuh diri.

Peranan penjagaan

AFPMH dan Persatuan Psikiatri Malaysia (MPA) meraikan Hari Kesihatan Mental Sedunia 2009 pada 9 Oktober dengan mensasarkan kepada peranan penting pakar-pakar perubatan utama dalam mengenalpasti dan merawat gangguan psikiatri.
Tema tahun ini ialah 'Kesihatan Mental Dalam Penjagaan Utama; Mempertingkat Rawatan dan Menggalakkan Kesihatan Mental'.
Ramai yang tidak akan menimbangkan untuk menemui ahli psikiatri apalagi kebanyakan tidak akan menerima hakikat yang mereka mempunyai masalah kesihatan mental.
Dan mereka malu untuk berjumpa dengan pakar kesihatan mental dan seringkali rasa lebih selesa untuk bertemu dengan doktor di kejiranan mereka.
"Pakar-pakar penjagaan utama ini berada di barisan hadapan sistem penjagaan kesihatan awam dan lebih mengetahui sejarah kesihatan pesakit mereka.
"Oleh itu perlu ada kemampuan untuk mengenalpasti simptom selain pengetahuan psikiatri untuk melaksanakan rawatan,"kata Profesor Dr. Mohamad Hussain semasa satu persidangan berita baru-baru ini.
Profesor Dr. Mohamad Hussain, yang juga Pakar Rawatan Ketagihan dan Perunding Psikiatri di Jabatan Perubatan Psikologi, Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya, berkata pengesanan awal serta diagnosis yang wajar membolehkan pesakit menerima rawatan yang sesuai.
Ia juga mencegah gangguan mental yang lebih buruk lagi dan akhirnya membolehkan pesakit untuk meneruskan kehidupan dengan normal bersama masyarakat semasa menjalani rawatan, katanya.
Professor Dr Mohamad Hussain juga berkata, hanya terdapat lebih kurang 200 ahli psikiatri di Malaysia sedangkan bilangan yang ideal ialah seramai 2000 orang.
"Satu pendekatan bersepadu membabitkan pakar-pakar utama dalam penjagaan kesihatan akan mengurangkan bebanan yang dihadapi oleh ahli psikiatri, dan akan banyak membantu mereka daripada kumpulan berpendapatan rendah untuk mendapatkan rawatan yang mampu.
"Pendekatan ini memastikan bahawa pesakit tidak perlu pergi jauh untuk mendapatkan ubat-ubatan daripada ahli psikiatri, yang banyak mengurangkan beban kepada mereka yang menjaga pesakit mental," katanya.


Stigma yang wujud di kalangan umum dan sehinggakan pakar-pakar penjagaan kesihatan merupakan punca utama kes-kes psikiatri gagal dikesan dan dirawat dari awal lagi.
"Bidang psikiatri telah banyak berkembang. Ubat-ubatan terbaru membolehkan gangguan mental dirawat. Bagaimanapun, ramai yang tidak mahu mendapatkan bantuan profesional kerana beranggapan mereka akan dicemuh sebagai 'gila' ataupun akan didiskriminasi jika didiagnosis dengan gangguan mental," kata Presiden MPA Dr Yen Tech Hoe.
Isu ini diburukkan lagi oleh tanggapan salah di kalangan pakar perubatan iaitu masalah kesihatan mental merupakan komponen kurang penting dalam profesyen perubatan.
Ramai daripada pakar perubatan tidak menyedari yang kebanyakan daripada penyakit psikiatri ini muncul dalam bentuk simptom fizikal dan oleh itu mereka lazimnya merawat simptom ini tanpa pemeriksaan lanjut. -- BERNAMA


Monday, 2 November 2009

Some Kind Of Wonderful

What are the things that make you feel wonderful? Falling in love for the first time perhaps? Or when a very heavy burden have been lifted from your soul, or when you are in a pretty Cinderella dress with your make up on and all people around can’t stop staring on how beautiful you look ? Or when a wish comes true?

What are the things that you think are wonderful? Taj Mahal? A great movie? A flock of pink flamingo? A wonderful landscape of God’s creation?

Well I think everybody have their own definition of wonderful; some may say that falling in love is wonderful but some may say not. However, what I had is a far from wonderful weekend yesterday, which supposedly to be a whole lot of wonderful ones especially after being pampered in a luxurious relaxing spa to de-stress my mind and body. The wonderful moment only lasted in the spa, once I stepped out, my retarded mind will start thinking depressing thoughts.

Have you notice that wonderful feelings only lasted for a while and then you will hit the reality again… same goes with the miserable ones….

I remember one wonderful moment I had with my family during our last trip together with my late father after we stopped by at my friend’s house and heading towards Ipoh. We saw a double rainbow on top of each other, like one big door welcoming us along the highway. It was really breathtaking moment and we felt very happy just looking at the big twin rainbow. I said to my self…subhanAllah… and hope that happiness will brought to us forever…..but only God knows best… A few days later a MRI scan revealed my father had a brain tumor…. and 2 weeks after that he had undergone a surgery to remove the tumor …. Exactly one month later he had been called by Allah to meet Him…Al-Fatihah..
As for me I’ve been hit twice after he’s gone…just hanging there dear me…. And search for another wonderful rainbow to come…. InsyaAllah