Wednesday, 14 October 2009

A Fire Drill and A Helping Hand

Fire drill
Just came back from a fire drill session at my workplace.... like the ordinary & previous fire drill sessions, the bell will make irritating noise out and loud of the usual sound of long unstoppable

'Rrrrrriiiiiiinnnnngggggg Lllliinnnggggg Riiinnggggg LLLliiiiinnnnggggg Rrrriiinnggg Lllliiingg!!!!!!'

And then the long waiting session came ..... waiting for all to gather at the space provided and grouped into each departments and floors ..... the new thing in today's session was all volunteers for each group wears a yellow fluorescent vest, holding and displaying the department's name and floor just to make the crowd into more organized manner compare to last year session.....after all people in the building successfully gathered outside, 'BOMBA' will begin their checking to make sure that no people were 'burning' in the building.

I don't like to be in a crowd full of people and do nothing.... especially when my mood is not in 'OK' condition... Hence, as an escape of being waiting and agitating, i told our group volunteer that i want to go to the ladies because 'Cannot tahan la' .....but instead i just wait there (read: outside the ladies room... just nearby the staircase... at least i can see the crowd & know what's going around there) until the whole thing was over ....ha..ha !! What a brilliant escape idea..!

A Helping Hand

Last weekend... on the way back from Banting... we drop by my parents' friend house... actually they invited us for Raya openhouse... but since the openhouse was only until 4 pm (read: we only arrived at their house on 5 pm) so it turn out to be just a friend's visit...

The couple have a daughter...slightly older than me.... i never saw her everytime we pay them a mother informed me that she has a problem, she don't like to meet strangers and just stay at her room when everybody comes to their house. The word 'Social Phobia' popped out from my mind and the urge to help her coming out from the dark by suggesting to see psychiatrist filling my head... but how am i to approach her family to do so without being labeled as busy body?

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