Monday, 2 November 2009

Some Kind Of Wonderful

What are the things that make you feel wonderful? Falling in love for the first time perhaps? Or when a very heavy burden have been lifted from your soul, or when you are in a pretty Cinderella dress with your make up on and all people around can’t stop staring on how beautiful you look ? Or when a wish comes true?

What are the things that you think are wonderful? Taj Mahal? A great movie? A flock of pink flamingo? A wonderful landscape of God’s creation?

Well I think everybody have their own definition of wonderful; some may say that falling in love is wonderful but some may say not. However, what I had is a far from wonderful weekend yesterday, which supposedly to be a whole lot of wonderful ones especially after being pampered in a luxurious relaxing spa to de-stress my mind and body. The wonderful moment only lasted in the spa, once I stepped out, my retarded mind will start thinking depressing thoughts.

Have you notice that wonderful feelings only lasted for a while and then you will hit the reality again… same goes with the miserable ones….

I remember one wonderful moment I had with my family during our last trip together with my late father after we stopped by at my friend’s house and heading towards Ipoh. We saw a double rainbow on top of each other, like one big door welcoming us along the highway. It was really breathtaking moment and we felt very happy just looking at the big twin rainbow. I said to my self…subhanAllah… and hope that happiness will brought to us forever…..but only God knows best… A few days later a MRI scan revealed my father had a brain tumor…. and 2 weeks after that he had undergone a surgery to remove the tumor …. Exactly one month later he had been called by Allah to meet Him…Al-Fatihah..
As for me I’ve been hit twice after he’s gone…just hanging there dear me…. And search for another wonderful rainbow to come…. InsyaAllah

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