Sunday, 11 October 2009


I'm in Banting right now, blogging from my cousin's house. Banting is about one and the half hour journey from KL, located in state of Selangor. Compare to 10 years ago, Banting now is more happening and lively, the road are wider with a smooth ride....10 years ago the road to Banting was a disaster for me and my family. Believe it or not, there is an 24 hours McDonald oultet only 5 minutes drive from my cousin's house in Taman Gembira, that's cool for a small town like Banting. We just came back from there after throwing a small birthday party to my cousin and our 'special gift' to him is BigMac with a candle on top... We also took a quick mid nite tour around Banting, we went to Pantai Kelanang and Pantai Morib.... It was a scary journey to Pantai Kelanang because there's no single street light along the small road, besides we are surrounded with mangroves... during the trip i just pray hard that our car was in good condition and Celcom signal was available....not to forget along the 'scary' journey i'm trying hard to keep myself from panic attacks in the middle of nowhere.....sigh... Luckily everything goes smoothly and we reach to Pantai Kelanang safely... hehe... but there's nothing much to see because it was very dark... but i believe it's a beatiful place if we went there during the daytime. Ouh...what a day .....

And now, checking my mental status for this week... mmm... i think this week was better than last week....i'm more productive in my work progress... i've finished checking and rectifying 5 reports.... Yeay..!! But there's also a few down time especially when the headache attack due to my allergic reaction and backpain causes by my poor posture and scoliosis ...but hey overall i'm OK and happy ...

P/S: I've Google some image of Pantai Kelanang ...since i don't have the chance to see it in the daytime... it makes me wonder how does the pantai look like....and this is the link for my search result (Thank you to the photo owner by sharing with us this image in Fotopages)

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