Thursday, 10 March 2011

Daphne Iking & Ryan Chong - Tragedi yang Tragis

Pagi ni saya baca berita pasal kes Daphne Iking...

Dok teringat 1-2 tahun lepas di Damansara Specialist Hospital, masa tu saya kat farmasi tengah amek ubat....ternampak la this couple dengan muka berseri-seri sebab baru dapat baby....and i can feel their happiness ....yeps its Daphne and ex-hubby Ryan Chong...during happy days......

But today when i read this article at

i felt sad for the tragedy ....below are some of the interview made with the ex-hubby..

so kawan-kawan ambil lah iktibar dari cerita ni ye..


How did you discover that Isobel Daniella Iking is not your daughter?

I found out through reading emails (67 pages) between Daphne and Darren. In some of the emails there were mentions about the identity of the baby’s father. Darren wrote “it is mine”. And Daphne wrote “don’t tell my friends that it might be yours”. So I got suspicious and I took the baby to a pathologist without Daphne’s knowledge and did a DNA test on her.

That is the point when I said “enough is enough”. Before that I saw them (Daphne and Darren) in KLIA coming back from a holiday. Of course they denied it. And knowing Daphne, I said to her: “I will trust you because you are my wife. Even if there was an affair, I would forget about it and let’s move on”.

I thought everything was okay until I found out about the baby. But it took me a long time to decide whether to divorce her.

(At that time) the baby was about nine months old. I told myself I’d rather do it (divorce Daphne) now than regret (not divorcing) when she (Isobel) is 10 years old or 20 years old, knowing fully well that she is not my daughter.

I made a decision that I’m going to break the news and hope the best for Daphne and I can move on. I did not want to regret the decision to stick to the marriage.

How did you feel when you discovered that Isobel was not your kid?

I cried for days after finding out her DNA was not mine. It was tough. I got the results in August 2008 – at the time when we were trying to decide whether we wanted to carry on with the marriage.

At that time, I could not let Daphne know that I knew the child was not mine. And I had to come home every night and look at the child and think: “Do I leave you? Do I not leave you?” It was a very tough two months.

I only sent Daphne a letter (asking for a divorce) in October 2008. Even before I gave her the letter I was worried that she would be upset – that she would do something to herself or the baby.

When I decided to give her the letter, I was glad that Michele (Daphne’s sister) was in our house. I passed the letter and Daphne moved out.

Just sharing....

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