Tuesday, 29 December 2009

~~~~~ dZ & sELiPeE ~~~~

Dizzy & sleepy, these two words describe me at this very moment. I’m still at the office, waiting to go home at 6:00 pm. . Recently, there is not much work to do…. The update process has run smoothly without errors…. The figure in the new report doesn’t have major discrepancy to be rectified.

The dizziness and sleepiness I’m having now was contribute by my lack of sleep in this couple of days. I think one of the reasons I’m hardly to fall asleep at night because of not taking my Lexapro in this couple of days. Yeah… I’ve told you before I have problem taking medication on regular basis. The consequences of my lack of discipline cause me to become unfocused during morning working hour; it would subside gradually in the afternoon and in the evening and at night I would become more excitement in doing things such as watching TV unstoppable…series after series, reading the whole book at one night stand and enthusiastically surf the Internet page after page. I would only sleep at 3 or 4 am.

Supposedly my first one month box of Lexapro is to be finished consumes until early December and the psychiatrist asked me to make appointment with her when my medicine finished. But until now I haven’t finished it yet… I have another 7 pills left in my handbag …..
You are strictly advised not to follow my foot step……

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