Monday, 28 December 2009

Fall in love with Tekala again

Last Christmas the 6 of us went barbeque picnic at Sungai Tekala for the second time. I’ve prepared marinated prawns and boiled eggs for the picnic. Thanks to my friend Ruby to let me join the crowd :o) as this was actually an all EPF and ex-EPF staffs outing. I really have a fun and good time there.

We took a different route this time, from Puchong we use Kajang highway and after the first toll we took the first exit on the left, enter a small town (i'm not sure what's the town name), turn left again.... go further forward into a small town...we saw schools, community hall, shoplots, a hot spring (again ...didn't catch the exact name) and a lot of kampung houses.....there's a small signboard of Sungai Tekala which told us to turn right...... obligating the signboard sign...we take right turn into a small oldtown again (looks older than the earlier town we passed by), this time around the shoplots seems like were built during the colonial era. There are a small 'flea market' along the road in the small oldtown that sold 'Kampung' vegetation and poultry such as pucuk paku, ulam raja, petai, jering and all sorts of ulam-ulaman. We drove further into the village, saw a signboard of Sungai Tekali campsite (this reminds me about a conversation between me and my ex- high school classmate after my first trip to Sungai Tekala back on 23 May 2009, the day that I mistakenly brought 2 t-shirts instead of a t-shirt and a trouser as my bath suit, actually the conversation involved us getting confused of the name, was it Tekala or Tekali ? Were we referring to the same place or not? Now, i have the answer...) , after that the road start to get a little bit zig-zag and then we reached a T-junction and took the right turn, and here comes the beautiful damn in the middle of rainforest, it was a breathtaking sight. Not far from the damn, i think about 10 minutes, there's the entrance of Sungai Tekala on our right.

Wonder why i just jot down the pathway journey to Sungai Tekala.....? It is for my own good sake, because i am prone to forget the route, any matter how easy it was..... Sungai Tekala is a special place (for me), it is beautiful, well manage, well kept, well maintain and well accommodate recreational place and i'm planning to go there again. So, before my memory fails me, i better wrote down what i remember for future reference.....:)

Credits to for the beautiful Sungai Tekala picture and for the map

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