Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Planning Ahead

Only few more days to 2010... and only few more days for the Big B... hehehe....
Yesterday, in the office.... When i feel bored doing my work...i log into internet and started to surf for language classes offered around Taman Tun particularly Mandarin and Arabic....
Wonder why i'm looking for language classes.. and why Mandarin and Arabic ? Because Mandarin is a part of requirement needed for most career offered in Malaysia nowadays, it will be an added value for me if i can speak Mandarin and because i planned to work with my current employer for long term period (because of the Big B offered here is very competitive hehe...) As for Arabic, it's the Quran language and the main language in the Islamic world; as a Muslim i think it is added advantage to know Arabic.......
Well, i just thought learning new languages will make my life more interesting in 2010.. Besides working, shopping & exercising ... learning new languages supposed to be fun and challenging...Don't you think?
Besides language classes, i also thought it will be interesting to attend religious classes at nearby mosque to upgrade my Islamic knowledge in 2010.... i'm getting older and as a Muslim, i definitely need guidance to be a good Muslim. And yessss....These are my target for 2010, to be a better Muslim and to learn a new language.
I saw an advertisement in Masjid Negara website offering Muslimat Classes for 2010-2011 which scheduled every Saturday or Sunday and it perfectly fix with my target requirement... i'm planning to enroll for the class next week and pay RM 400 for the 2 years fee .... Masjid Negara also offered Arabic classes with reasonable fees; however the classes are on weekdays & I can’t attend classes on weekdays, because it would be very hectic to me. There is Mandarin class offered by IIUM Gombak through IFLA programs. The class already started on November 2009 and the next intake will be around March 2010. Starting a class on March next year would be fine for me.....The fee is RM 550 for 40 hours classes including education materials, it’s very reasonable.
Beside Mandarin IFLA IIUM also offer Japanese and French classes… for more info you can go to http://www.iiu.edu.my/ifla

For the Big B plan, it’s time to cut my credit cards and apply for company’s credit card with lower interest…. I’ll definitely use all my Big B to pay for current credit card debts…it’s OK for me as long as the debt is vanished from my life forever….
mmm…. And ohh…I planned to purchase Ikea sofa bed and a pair of comfortable jogging shoe using the company’s credit card…. Hehe…..’gali lubang tutup lubang’…..

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