Thursday, 3 December 2009

I want to sleep like a baby tonight

What a week....
In conjunction with Hari Raya Haji celebration, the whole weekend filled with spending my time in Muar. We played bowling, attend second cousin's wedding, visit relatives, watched movie and not to forget our motorcycle adventure with ‘Enam Jahanam’ (definitely i'm not the one who handle the paddles; i can't even start one!). We ended our night at Muar by shocking confession from the 'Enam Jahanam', that they truly are the 'Enam Jahanam'. For those who don’t know what it is, 'Enam Jahanam' means 'Six Hells' (Direct translation in English). The shocking secret confession made by them disturbed my mind for the whole weekend! I kept thinking what had happened to the people that i believed have good values but turn out not as i thought they were...Has the world turn upside down? Are the good values in humans have gone? Why this thing happened? Are human desires much more important than dignity? Have I started to think nonsense? mmmmmm …? (no more questions)
Today i've already accepted the 'Enam Jahanam' as who they are before and after the confession, i love them all, they're like brothers to me, i know i can't change them totally but i can help by giving them guidance and advise to be a better person. They are free to accept or ignore it, but hey... at least i've done something for the one i care for...

We had a terrible trip back to KL from Muar... Usually the journey will only take 2.5 hours.. But because it is holiday season and a lot of people were going back to KL.... the whole journey took up to 5 hours.

And now i'm back in KL, counting down the days of Futsal Tournament... i planned to have a restful days before getting all my energy out for the Tournament..but doesn't seem to have one.... The last three days in this week were full with a lot of things to do, not the important ones but things that i enjoy doing...hehe...such as go to work, futsal, shopping and watching movies... i even forgot to take my medication and felt awful ...and today i feel very tired of not having enough sleep and really hope i can have a restful night and to sleep like a baby tonight.

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