Friday, 11 December 2009

Caffein and a snatch case

I don't know why... lately at work i've started to like coffee again.... i used to love coffee during my school days, but when i began to feel dizzy and my heart beats faster after taking caffeinated drinks i stopped drinking coffee. My psychiatrist also suggested me to stop taking any caffeinated drinks because it will increase anxiety symptoms, as a good patient i've followed her advise, but not for long.....and today i can feel my anxiety have increase and the 'negative thoughts' have come back after they vanished for a month with the help of Lexapro; but today with me began to fall in love with coffee again and not taking Lexapro daily as been told... the 'things' have come back, but still under control.......No more coffee for me please....

I hate snatchers, they have been insulting the public severely this few years. Many death case and injuries have been reported lately. Today at my office, a colleague of mine have been injured because of snatcher.... They've snatched her handbag near the parking lot, she has fallen and twisted her leg. Ouh bad snatchers....i hope one day you will be punish on what you have done.

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