Thursday, 19 November 2009

It is kind of creepy, isn't it ?

Recently, I've been surfing around bloggers world just to find niche for my blog where i can exchange ideas and share my humble experience pertaining to mental health issues. I've found a number of interesting mental health blogs that provide interesting facts and research articles in timely manner from reliable research resources, however only 1 or 2 blogs hold the stories of the person who had been diagnosed of having mental illness. In order for me to update myself with the blogs' recent post I've made myself as their blog follower and I've linked it from this blog. You can check it out too ..

I would be glad and pleased if i can learn to know other people experience on how they endure the illness, their feelings and what inside the mind during the episode of mental breakdown, how they find support and how they heal the pain. Anyone of you who knows any website pertaining to this, feel free to introduce it to me.

But what shocked me was to find out that some of the blog that discuss on mental health issues have the same blog template as my blog. Isn't that kind of creepy ? It seems like we have some kind of connection to choose our blog template, maybe we have the same brainwave connectivity? Or the same type of brain structure ? Or maybe we possessed some kind of similarity of infrared frequency or bluetooth frequency that our computers able to talk to each other in some mysterious way ?
Don't think about it.... it's a coincident...perhaps..

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