Saturday, 14 November 2009

While Waiting for 5 PM

Today at 5 PM my friend invited me to Medan Ikan Bakar Tanjung Harapan Klang, its one of popular eating place in Malaysia for those who love seafood. As usual i'm kind of anxious, may be due to the medication or may be it's just my normal anxious feeling.

Why am i feeling anxious ? It is because these couples of day, the pain i'm having due to my anxiety disorder are getting worst when i feel anxious; heartache, headache, backache, feeling all part of my body being pressure by an unknown force....The cause of my anxieties ? May be it's because Lexapro's side effect? my doc has warned me the side effect in the first few weeks in taking Lexapro, but the side effect is much more worse compare to the previous treatment. Or may be i'm just tired after a session of futsal (well i don't think is soooo unlikely causing me the pain) . Or may be i'm so stressed out for my sister relationship with her so called fiance is shaking again? mmmm may be.... it can be a part of the contributor....Or maybe because of my so called 'best friend'....Oh no.. enough maybes......
I'm just scared that when i'm out with my friends i will experience this pain and worst come to worst panic attack.... InsyaAllah I'll be fine....'Remember Allah and your heart will be at peace'

While waiting for 5 PM i made use of my time reading blogs.......and today's post that i love is non other than Sis Zabrina's blog

Blog: ~ Life Storyteller : Motivational and Inspirational Stories for You and Me ~
Post: The Story of Ice Cubes and Candles- Motivational Story about Calming Oneself Down When Distress

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