Friday, 13 August 2010

Broga Hills Aftermath

Look at my toenail...almost falling apart...
This is the consequences of not cutting your nail properly before going for hiking,

5 months ago during our trip to Broga Hill, i forgot to cut my toenails which were quite long at that time, i only managed to cut my fingernails..duh..! like i walk using my hands?
It was ok during our journey to the top but it was so painful when going down from the hill as the toenail kept banging in front of my sport shoe...and i kept screaming...ouch! ouch.! adoi ! adoi! adoui! all the way down...

2 days after the trip, my toenail has became blackened and was all black for 5 months ..!! Until the day we went to hot stream in Krabi, something had happened... after we soaked in the hot stream for about an hour i realized that my black toenail has became a little bit of white...and i thought wow.. that hot stream had healing effect on my toenail...and i was happy that finally my toenail is healed.....but not long after that, when i'm back in Malaysia... i felt something falling apart from my feet....its my toenail...!!!

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Just sharing....

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