Monday, 8 November 2010

My fulfilled Sunday :-)

7 November 2010 -> It's Sunday..!

My Sunday begun like a "normal" Sunday...but ended as an extraordinary one..
As usual, in the morning i will go to market to buy stuffs to cook...
Then...of course lah...once i reached home...i'll cook the stuff i've bought ...
At 5 PM, a friend of mine asking my favor to help purchased and packed things for the flood victims at northern part of Malaysia..
at first i decided not to go and just donated some money...however. after much persuasion, i followed her to Giant Kinrara...
which was the meeting point of the event...
There... i met my old school friend whom i didn't saw since after SPM ...what a small world indeed..

We started the event by purchasing all the things that we thought much needed by the flood victims such as diapers, instant food, milk, baby formulas, blanket, mineral waters, biscuits and towels with money that were donated in just 2 days time. Altogether about RM 5000 including transportation.
After that,we do the packing and loading all the stuffs into the lorry.
Only two person from the team will follow the lorry to Pokok Sena which one of the place badly hit by the flood...once arrived they will be helped by local people for distribution processes.

I felt happy, fulfilled and worthwhile having given the opportunity to help the people of the flood victims. i just prayed that the they will have a safe journey

Firman Allah dalam surah Al-Mukminun ayat 115.

"Maka apakah kamu mengira bahawa Kami menciptakan kamu bermain-main (tanpa ada maksud) dan kamu tidak akan dikembalikan kepada Kami?"

Secara teori, ia mudah kerana menjadi khalifah itu sendiri ialah ibadah kerana segala perbuatan kita adalah ibadah kepada Allah s.w.t. Kita diperintah oleh Allah untuk memakmurkan bumi.

Maka, jika orang tanya saya apa matlamat hidup saya, saya akan menjawab saya mahu menjadi manusia yang bermanfaat.

Matlamat hidup,tujuan hidup dan apa yang saya kejar di dunia ini hanyalah apa yang Allah suruh- iaitu menjadi manusia yang bermanfaat dan sentiasa beribadah kepada-Nya.

* petikan dari iluvislam

Just sharing....

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  1. good job very proud of you