Friday, 9 April 2010

what if i am an extrovert

I was born introvert…always keep things to my self and it’s hard for me to express my real feeling….

Not so long time ago…you can’t hardly see me cry, laugh out loud, get angry, enthusiastic with things happened around me, socializing, screaming & yelling.

As days goes by… as things in my life changes ….as I gone through rough patches in my life … I became more aware of who I am….more aware on what I felt in my heart…I’ve noticed connection between my body and soul, felt it, realized it and able to defined it as well as to describe it… body and soul searching you may say…

Last time when I’m scared to death I can easily get panic attack…but now, when the extreme event happen in my life…I will noticed the feeling and try to find ways to released it somewhere other than being depressed or panicked. So what did I do? I cry, express my feeling through writing or talking to someone you trust and of course not to forget exercise to pump up my endorphin level in my body.

As I apply this into my life more often and sharpen the skills, gradually I began to notice that I actually can express my feeling easily, can blurt out what’s on my mind effortlessly, bored when I’m alone, love to hang out with friends and families, more enthusiast towards life, started to open my mouth in meetings, become more humorous (thanks to my crazy cousins, aunties, uncles & sis for this humor thingy, i've learnt it from you guys) and i've learnt to love & appreciate God's gift more than usual.

I think I’ve develop some extrovert traits in me… am i? or can I just say I become ambivert – half extrovert & half introvert?

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