Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Filling my empty heart

I have an empty heart.....at the moment i filled my empty heart with those who are close to me physically (not intimately) and who have been a part of my life even for only just 1 second ... it's very difficult because there are a lot of them..!! Sometimes in one day i can filled my empty heart with up to 5 person..! (if i go extra mad on certain days the number can go up to 10 !)...but sadly it's only me putting them in my empty heart and not vice versa..... i'm started to get tired and confused ... but will not give up until its game over.

I can only fill my empty heart to one person at a time, that's the ultimate rule of this game. The shortest time to stay in my empty heart is 1 second...the longest is as long as i can live. So, whoever attract me the most you will be given privilege to squeeze out whoever currently inside my heart and take over the place at no extra cost....additionally yet the most important rule to follow-> you are not allowed to take over the person in my life that already permanently engraved in my heart and if you've been accepted to fill my empty heart forever you are subjected to love them too.....any takers?

Are you that person? You can be that person , yes you are...no kidding...
i have no strict rules for the criterion of that person... as long as i feel happy, safe and can be myself when i'm with you ... then you can be the next person to fill my empty heart...:)....hurrrmmm errrr....mmmmm and you must be a guy too....a genuine one...no fake pls..

The game will be over once i've found the person who can fill my empty heart forever.... and he too are willing to fill his empty heart for me forever...

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