Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Keeping Myself Busy...

Today, i've keep myself busy by cooking. I love cooking, it enhanced my vision of flavors on how to mix up the correct ingredients to produce tastes of food i wish to create. Thus my whole day today was filled with cutting, peeling, frying, boiling, simmering, baking and eating. Yum...Yum...!
By assigning yourself with task that are enjoyable in timely manner can teach oneselves to focus on things to be done in order to finish the task. It helps to divert your thoughts on something useful rather than filling up your mind with nonsense thinking of fear, worries and resentment.
As for me, by doing nothing such as watching boring tv show, surfing the internet without any good purpose or by simply daydreaming could aleviate my mind to think about all sorts of things, if it is a good one.... then it's ok & good sign ..... but what if it is not ? .... as a chronic worrier... my mind will always think of all the possibilities and consequences of each action i wanted to do or that have already passed ... the process can go on and on until it seem so real and this may causes anxiety level to increase. Since the day i had noticed this condition(too bad i just noticed it only recently) i always wake up everyday with today's list of things i love and enjoy to do in my mind. It is important to emphasize the word love and enjoy ... because i don't want to end up doing things that eventually makes me feel stressful.

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