Saturday, 19 September 2009

Welcoming me to the blog world - the purpose, the reason & the responsibility

Assalamualaikum.... Alhamdulillah...This is my first entri into the blog world.... i've always enjoy reading is one of my favourite past time no matter where and when even during office hour..haha...sorry boss. I found it very informative, well it depends on the topic that interest me though...So i thought why not me having my own blog... ?? What had stopped me initially is because..i dont think i have writing well u can judge it by reading this entry..i'm not well articulate person..but i like to improve my writing skill especially in English language ...
In this blog too, i would like to share my experience as a person who has generalized anxiety disorder & easily depressed.... or generally known as mental ailments...mmmm what's that ? well ... wait and read further (that's mean u need to come again to my blog)...actually i've always wanted to find a support group in my country for this disorder besides my psychiatrist of course... but end up futile....the term of this disorder is not common in Malaysia (i guess)... people usually refer it as 'buatan orang' or 'hilang semangat' or 'gila' (the worst description of all) or whatever it is called....and to date i've been suffering from it for about 8-9 years on and i hope by creating this blog i can share some information about it (eventhough only little information... i think better than none) . But this blog is not entirely dedicated to my experience having this disorder...intermittently i may share something different & what i think interesting to be shared.

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