Monday, 21 September 2009

Back in KL

Alhamdulillah ...i'm back in KL after having an enjoyable Raya in kampung. Felt tired physically but happy in my heart. Family gathering is the best part during Raya, our activities include photography session, chit chatting, teasing each other, burn fireworks and of course and eat until i gain 5 kilos....I love being around them... laughter, love , care , togetherness surrounded us..... makes me forgot all my ailments and problems...thank you Allah for blessing me with this priceless rewards......

and heyy.... 5 minutes ago i received a text from my ex-primary schoolmate which i haven't met for a long time eventhough we live in the same area..she invited me to come over to her house for catching up on each other session...mmmm interesting huh ?.. & i am looking forward to meet her too and this causes my anxiety level up again.... yeahh, sometimes excitement and uncommon event in my life makes me nervous and sometimes panic could hits me. My mind started running wild, excitements and unfamiliar situation are able to cause my heart beats faster and my breathing faster... these two factors can lead to panic attack, if provided on that particular situation i am not strong enough physically and mentally to fight those bad thoughts and phobias. One thing i can do to ease bad thoughts and negative thinking away from my mind is to ask someone i'm comfortable with to accompany me into that unfamiliar situation... having that person as a companionship can focus down my bad thoughts to her/him rather than going alone ..because by going alone i have me by myself, i will have all my thoughts focus on me... and only me ... and this will intensify my anxiety.

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