Monday, 9 May 2011

To share or not to share ?

Had a nice and fun weekend..!!
On Saturday i went to Extreme PD Buggy Trek with some friends....
Rode ATV, crazy kart, crazy buggy....
Drove 8 laps of go kart...eventho i got the last number in the group hehee...still very happy i did it..
all were my first time....all for only RM it from mydeal or groupson (i can't remember which)
and there were also some other things so to say as my first time....hehehehe...
just kept it to myself....only to be engraved in my memory... :) :)
After went back from PD i quickly made a short shopping trip with Elfi at The Curve just to buy a Bodyshop Natrulift Essential Kit worth Rm109 for my mother in conj with Mothers Day..
i'm glad she loved it

~My small gift for Mother's Day~

On Sunday attended a 3 hours session makeup class for only Rm50 @ Monz Uptown Damansara...
Thanks to groupson for the offer..
The transition on my face was noticed by this guy at the Starbucks who tried to woo me...haha...!!
pity the guy caused he only attracted with my not natural beauty...huhu

Just sharing....

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