Sunday, 16 January 2011

91% ~~~ Very Good

When was your last time you received a mark for a test paper such as this ----> 91% with a big VERY GOOD imprinted beside it...?
Yeah...usually it was when the good old primary school days ...
I still can recall my class name during those day....!! standard 1 Nilam, standard 2 Nilam, standard 3 Jed of SKTTDI
During that time my teacher always gave me either GOOD, VERY GOOD or stars (maximum 5 stars)
Always felt happy when i received sooo many stars and goods during those days...felt my hard word being appreciated.....
HOWEVER, never had i imagined when i'm 31 years old i received VERY GOOD for my test...huhu

Yesterday i went to collect my certificate and test result at ICLS where i enrolled for Mandarin Elementary1 class.
i was really shocked because i did so well in the you can see it (please refer above)
I was even more shocked when i saw a big VERY GOOD written beside the marks...
NOT only just one but couples of it when i turn over the pages...huhu..

Just sharing....

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