Monday, 11 October 2010

ten ten ten

its a nice number...
once in a century
an auspicious date..
characterized by success and prosperous some say...
a good day to tie the knot...
a good day for wedding registration...

but i don't think most of us remember
10 October is also World Mental Health Day

i came to realized that a year ago, when i decided to open this blog it was dedicated to help me dealing with my mental status, to find friends who has similar problem and to share my experience struggling with GAD & depression. That's why i named the blog as mymentalhealthblog.
however as time goes by, the content of the blog have focused more about my daily experiences and only occasionally i do write about mymentalhealth. It is not that my illness have totally gone, its just that maybe i felt a bit reserved when i knew that some of the readers are my real life friends and family members. Yesterday when one of my cousin knew about this blog, i felt like i want to make it a private blog.....why i felt that way..? because not everyone actually really understand having the illness....and even some doctors (physician/doctors that i met during relapse episodes because i'm unable to make appointment with psychiatrist immediately ) look at it as the weakness of the individual....but i will try my best to serve this blog as it was intended in the beginning regardless of what other people might think... :)

Just sharing....

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