Saturday, 6 March 2010

Trip & Tour

Medan, Jakarta, Europe, Singapore Japan and the latest one is London.

These are the places my friends have asked me for my companionship for their overseas escapade on 2010, and I guess the list will have some more addition sooner or later.

I have turned down invitation for Europe because there are possibilities that my 2010 budget are not enough for the trip and the date chosen is my sister’s and friend big day. (Plus, I don’t have confident to join Kelana Convoy trip as camping is not my things)

I also have turned down Medan trip on 2-4 May invited by a relative because I planned to go to Bangkok with my friend tentatively on 19-22 May.

As for London on 20-29 October, I haven’t yet (totally) turned it down as I see it quite interesting and will consider it thoroughly, if only my planned to Bangkok was successful.

Japan….at first my friend suggested on the end of the year, however, since December will be the month of wedding season including my sister’s, then we decided to go early 2011.

Jakarta, have been planned since before my friend Di gave birth to her son. Tentatively, it will be on July and looking forward for that too.

Singapore, around March school holiday and only for a day trip. At first I planned with Elfi for Singapore trip during Sheena’s wedding on 28 March, however, since my future brother in-law haven’t met my mother’s sibling at JB so we decided to drop by to Singapore during the JB visit on the school holiday.

Perform Umrah, I have planned since early last year. Have yet found any person to go with me….sigh…..hopefully next year my wish will come true....

Trip to hospital (can it called trip?), sigh….sigh…..this trip is more important than the other trips. My Lexapro had finished a month ago (felt horrible these few days) and I didn’t have period since March last year….my body needs it so called ‘service’….. ASAP!!

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