Thursday, 25 March 2010

Mad then happy…. now just wait and see

3 days ago my friend called; due to Bangkok’s unstable condition right now…she wanted to look for other option …I already bought my flight ticket and also have deposited tour package for all of us. How could she cancel the trip?!! I cannot go alone with Mastura….
Following my emotion, at first I’m quite mad for her decision, however I didn’t express it in front of her; only in my heart (I’m not good at expressing my deep down feelings to others…. Honestly, I always had trouble expressing my feelings…I’m afraid I’ll hurt others if I do that) and after a while my mind started controlling my emotion again, I just thought well it is her right for her own safety precaution, by the way she’ll getting married in June !!

Yesterday, she called…and wanted to buy the flight ticket to Bangkok…yippee…..I’m happy…however, I remain acting like nothing had happened…calmly I told her my flight details….

I pray for Bangkok condition will get better soon…peaceful as always….
Now we’ll wait and see….

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