Monday, 22 March 2010


I woke up today at 8:10 am…already late for work and feeling groggy for unknown reason even though with 5 hours sleep, the tiredness has not recovered. Nevertheless,

I took bath and get ready to work, arrived at office at almost 9 a.m. ….half and hour late..!! Luckily as usual nobody bothers. Ha ha !

The fatigue continues even after I took my breakfast - ‘biskut cecah milo’ (yummy). Why…? Why ? I wonder….why it didn’t go away? My eye strained more than usual when I tried to concentrate on my work and the fatigue get even worse…

Felt tired while walking, felt tired while sitting, felt tired while talking, felt even more tired while thinking.

I noticed yesterday my legs swollen a bit, looks like water retention... My right feet felt pain near the ankle, the pain already there for a month. And it has been almost a week that my right abdomen sometimes feels tightness.

I wanted to get medical leave, badly. I wanted to do medical checkup immediately... I wanted to know what exactly cause this fatigue. I don’t think what we’ve done at JB, Singapore and Muar causes this, I’ve done more rigorous things than this without feeling this awfully tired….

Note: this entry does relate with my previous entry… it is different kind of tired though, last week most of my time spent at home entertaining relatives ( and cooking ...i made a yummy assam pedas) and at pwtc (the mall) booking for my trip to Bangkok....but this week most of my time i spent outside the house...danga bay, relative houses, karaoke (twice to be exact), tanjung pagar, singapore flyers, suntec city, pasir ris, upper changi, restoran makanan laut kampung chai chee, parit keroma, sungai abong etc etc....

Note note : A fast relieve to fatigue for me is doing deep breathing, take a bath (if at home..), smell something like ointment!!...but this time around it doesn't last long the tiredness kept coming back ....:(

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