Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Histoire de ma Vie

While reading today's local newspaper about missing memoir of a famous 18 century playboy Giacomo Casanova, i came across the word histoire de ma Vie (story of my life or kisah hidupku). The word sounded catchy to me so i made up my mind to make it as the title for today's entry.

Well, to make the title to have a good purpose for today's entry i present you with the story of my life on the date of 22 February 2010:

8:30 am: At office, compile and distribute daily portfolio report

10:00 am: Fill in leave form for 15 March 2010 – School Holiday & 29-30 March 2010 for JB-Singapore trip, found out my team mate also have booked flight for honeymoon on 25 March – 1 April 2010 (how could you mate? arrghhh hopefully our leaves will be approved, pray hard..!)

11:00 am: Internet: searching for interesting places to go in Singapore and checkout our AirAsia flight to JB on 28 March 2010 itinerary and not to forget …blogging…blogging ….blogging…and read blogs… found out a few interesting yet funny blogs after searching google about marrying a younger husband…hahaha….dunno what to search in google suddenly this topic pop into my head..

1:00 pm: Internet: Looking for more information about Jurong Birdpark, looks like an interesting place to visit.

2:00 pm: Called Elfi regarding on our JB trip & she also told me she went to interview for the first time after six yrs without one, happy for you friend !!

3:00 pm: Another Internet session haaha!! When will I start to do my work ? Iluvislam, al-fikrah.net, hmetro, thestar, utusan…..etc.etc…

4:30 pm: Finally, I started to do my work…documentation on daily database update…..

7:00 pm: Went home…

9:00 pm: Eat dinner, shower, read news paper

10:00 pm: Hangout with cousin, chit chatting with him didn't even realize how time goes so fast...!

1:00 am: Purchase ticket for this coming Friday theater show Antara.. and blogging

Whooooaaaa what a productive day of online activities…..muaaaahahahhahahahaa….

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