Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Earth Song at Rasta

I felt sooo relief after reaching KL from Ipoh today....been quite depressed for the past 2 days in Ipoh... maybe because of not having much things to do there and this left me with plenty of time thinking, especially while watching my family members' treatment and behavior towards the Ipoh family as well as theirs towards us. It is not that i didn't approved their actions, but for it is better if we do it in moderation. (Or maybe i just exaggerate it in my thoughts... i think my serotonin level have started to go down again...mmmm it has been 1 week without Lexapro ....urrggghhh come on me...why you are so lazy taking those medicine ....it's just a medicine...!! )

The first stress occurred just before we went to Air Terjun Chepor, i've just finished reading article in Berita Minggu about men's anger. It is true that men are prone to become angry compare to women due to the existence of hormone called Androgen in their system. A short-while after reading the article i saw first hand of a man anger over a small thing.... a phone charger..???!! Luckily i've managed to divert all my inner 'anger' into words that I've typed in my handphone and the 'anger' totally goes away after we reached the waterfalls.

After reached KL, i went to Rasta with my 'brother' (i guessed 'brother' is appropriate to describe him right here and right now)... i blurted out the things that makes me stressed out during my time at Ipoh....It's kind of relieved....i really thank God to have him in my family right now.....love you bro... i have a good conversation with him tonight... a heart to heart kind of things....hehe....but not romantic kind of things...please don't get me wrong here....

and here is the performance tribute to Micheal Jackson during Grammy Awards that i saw from repeated program from the screen at Rasta ....love it...!!!!

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