Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Zoo Negara Volunteer

Got an opportunity to be half day Zoo Negara Volunteer organized by our Go Green Committee .
Me and around 30 plus other colleagues gather at Gate 3 entrance on 7:30 am 31 May 2014 to hear briefing from the Zoo Negara Education Unit before we were divided into small group and given a specific task.
Our group of 5 were given task to take care of The Mammal Kingdom.....
Its a wonderful experience....had chance to feed the camels,raccoons,stripped hyaenas, otters, porcupines and the cute little kong kang or in english called slow loris...
however due to our busy schedule & some restrictions.....i didn't manage to take pictures of all the animal...huhu ..
if you have the love & patience for animals...why not try to be a zoo negara volunteer.....
from what i see and being told by the staff... Zoo Negara REALLY need the help volunteers to assist them.... check this out...
See... I can came near to the porcupines.. its a myth that they shoot people with their quills
The Zoo staff feeding Dino the camel....while waiting for my turn to feed Dino
A colleague feeding an otter

Actually the camel poo  is not as smelly as cow's poo


  1. Bestnye...macam teringin gak nak jd volunteer zoo ni...huhu

  2. join le siti....bleh register kat website zoonegara