Thursday, 28 January 2010

Celebration of Love Part 1


Have been quite busy lately…mentally busy to be exact…. A lot of things happened in the last 23 days since my last post that kept me from updating my blog, a mixture of love and hatred filling my heart.

It started in my office, when 2 of my colleagues who I am closest with were on Marriage Leave (both of them almost at the same time!!) which also marked the beginning of boring hours at my workplace for about 20 days. I hate boring hours because it allows me to think nonsense thought, which brought me into expressing this current post.

I admit that I don’t communicate and connect well with my colleagues at the 5 floor. The reason I didn’t mingle well with them are because of my academic background and the language that I usually use to speak.

I currently work in Investment Department which is totally different from my previous jobs, IT Department, even though my job scopes are still doing IT stuffs but the environment are totally different. Only 3 of us are responsible for IT unit, out of 80 Investment personnel, where most of them are Chinese with Finance and Economy background and they don’t speak Malay fluently although it is our national language. They speak English very well and sometimes I feel that I’m not in Malaysia… hehe

As for me, I can’t speak English fluently especially during a casual conversation, I can only comfortably communicate in English during work related meetings and discussions (ha ha..! that’s my big problem..!!); and because of the language barrier I don’t communicate with colleague often except for certain work related purposes, which are on a very rare occasion because my jobs require me to only work with my desktop and servers. But I do respect some of them who do try to learn to speak Malay with me even if it sounded funny, I respect the effort.

Because of these reasons, I feel lack of love to my current job, I only have patience for the money the company has offer me….I now noticed that I love job that require me to have some human intervention and not just sitting in front of computers all day long fixing the codes by myself….. and a family-like office environment which comprise staffs that has some background similarities as mine .. is that too much to ask for ?

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