Thursday, 6 May 2010


i'm so tired til i can hardly feel my legs...
we had AAN2010 choir performance review with en razak today at menara public bank 1-5 pm and for the first time we successfully did a full version of choir practice for all song together with the movement...yeehaa..(even my yeehaa sounded lack of enthusiasm)
standing most of the day makes my leg ache...and it is not easy to do 3 jobs at one time....singing and dancing for 7 songs plus controlling my anxiety attack!! mind you...we are not a professional choir singer..& didn't even have singing talent at all..let alone a pair if 'happy feet' is hard to control my breath to do these 3 jobs at once until at some point i felt dizzy by forgetting to breath in..
en razak was satisfied with our performance, he said we have the amount of enthusiasm needed for the annual night (really!?) but need to memorize all the lyrics until it registered permanently in our mind as this can help to produce more passionate performance. (mmmm i doubt it)

P/s: i love the hakka performed by our staff dancers today.... nice & sexy.... :P

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